Pokémon GO Teases a New Raid Boss on Social Media

Raid boss teasers show a 6-hour timer
Raid boss teasers show a 6-hour timer

Update (14:00 GMT, November 29, 2020) – Niantic has shared an additional teaser tweet, with a 29-hour timer. A propeller plane can be seen in the background, with the number 677 written on the flag behind it. 677 is the number of Espurr’s Pokédex, a Psychic type of Generation 6.

Pokemon GO EspurrPokemon GO EspurrSpurr

Update (23:00 GMT, November 28, 2020): Niantic has shared another teaser tweet, this time with a pink raid egg with a 44 hour timer. It seems like the 6 hour timer above was just the amount of time until the next announcement. The new timer ends on Monday, November 30, 2020 at 11 a.m. M. PST. Bye!

Pokémon GO social networks were published suddenly a new teaser video hinting at a new raid boss. We don’t have much information about this new raid boss, but in the video we can see that he has a 6 hour timer.

Could this be related to the new one-star raid boss that Pokémon GO teased on its huge GO Beyond update blog?

There appears to be a mysterious Pokémon preparing to hatch Star Raid Egg soon! We’re tracking this egg’s progress on our social channels, and we may need your help to hatch sooner!

There has been a lot of speculation online as to what this new raid egg might hatch into, we’ve seen a lot of different guesses! Could we finally meet Kecleon? Could it be Scatterbug from the Kalos region? Could it be one of the many forms of Rotom? Or could it be something else?

Pokémon GO Teases a New Raid Boss on Social Media 5Pokémon GO Teases a New Raid Boss on Social Media 6

A keen eye may notice a rapid flash of the Psychic write background at the 2 second mark in the trailer! Could we get a special? psychic write a star raid boss? There are many incredibly popular types of psychics in the game.

Given how big this teaser is … could it be that we finally get access to a second Mew? Could it be a new Kalos Pokémon like Espurr? Wildly speculate in the comments, great hype moment!

Initial video preview:


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