Pokémon Go: Rivals’ Week Event Guide

Pokemon Go Rival Week HeroSource: Niantic

Pokémon trainers always strive to be the best and that means finding rivals worthy of testing their skills. Pokémon Go celebrates the power of friendly competition with its debut Rivals Week event, which runs April 13 at 8 p.m. on April 18. Be sure to check out our guide to the best Pokémon Go accessories to give yourself an edge.

New Pokémon in Pokémon Go Rivals’ Week

This event introduces the Pokémon Mock Kelp Skrelp and the Water Gun Pokémon Clauncher in Pokémon Go, where they will appear in the wild, raiding, and field research encounters. Their evolutions, Dragalge and Clawitzer, will also be available for the first time. It will also be the first time that you will be able to fight the Therian Form Landorus Abundance Pokémon in five-star raids.

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Nature appears during Pokémon Go Rivals week

The following Pokémon, known for their rivalries, will appear in the wild more often:

  • Hitmonchan
  • Hitmonlee
  • Makuhita
  • Meditate
  • Zangoose
  • Seviper

Eggs 5 km away during Pokémon Go Rivals week

The following Pokémon will be born from eggs within 5 km:

Raids during Pokémon Go Rivals Week

The following Pokémon will appear in Raids:

Field research during Pokémon Go Rivals Week

Completing field research tasks exclusive to the event will reward you with encounters with Skrelp and Clauncher.

Other bonuses during the Pokémon Go Rivals week

Team GO Rocket will spawn more often at PokéStops and Hot Air Balloons. Trainers will also be able to participate in the Global Challenge Arena and if they win enough Raid Battles, they will earn double Stardust by catching Pokémon during the event.

Questions about Pokémon Go Rivals Week?

Do you have questions about Pokémon Go Rivals’ Week? Let us know in the comments section and check back regularly for more information on Pokémon Go. There are plenty of events planned this month, so you’ll want to be ready for anything!


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