Pokémon Go Psychic Spectacular guide

The Season of Mischief has brought the Psychic Spectacular event back to Pokémon Go! From September 8-13, 2021, you can catch, battle, and research Psychic-type Pokémon, including Inkay and Malamar making their debut in Pokémon Go. Luckily, at iMore, we’ve got everything you need to know to get the most out of it. party of the Psychic Spectacular event in Pokémon Go! And don’t forget to take a look at our best Pokémon Go accessories to get fully equipped on your Pokémon adventure!

What is the Psychic Spectacular event in Pokémon Go?

An event entirely focused on Psychic-type Pokémon, the Psychic Spectacular is an annual event in Pokémon Go. This year it begins on September 8 and ends on September 13. During the event, many Psychic-type Pokémon will take control of spawns and raids, and Inkay will debut in Pokémon Go.

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The following Pokémon have increased their appearances during the event:

  • Abra *
  • Lambin *
  • Somnambulist*
  • Natu *
  • Wobbuffet *
  • Baltoy *
  • Wooba *
  • Gothita
  • soloosis
  • I’m alive
  • Ink

Potentially shiny Pokémon are marked with an asterisk.


Pokémon 686 InkSource: The Pokémon Company

Inkay and his evolution Malamar were first discovered in the Kalos region of Generation VI. These Psychic and Dark type squids have a special evolution method that requires you to hold your phone upside down to evolve. Although it sounds a bit silly, it is the same evolutionary method for Inkay in the base games.

Along with debuting in Pokémon Go, Inkay is also featured in Snapshot Surprises, so be sure to take snapshots of your Pokémon, so that you have enough Candy to evolve Malamar!


The following Pokémon appear in raids during the event:

  • Staryu * (one star)
  • Chimecho * (one star)
  • Bronzor * (one star)
  • Espurr (one star)
  • Inkay (one star)
  • Alolan Raichu * (three stars)
  • Wobbuffet * (three stars)
  • Medicham (three stars)
  • Metagross (three stars)

Timed search

During the event, Professor Willow needs your help completing Psychic’s spectacular timed line of research for encounters with Psychic-type Pokémon, TMs, and more!

The first step

  • Catch ten Psychic-type Pokémon for 500 XP
  • Transfer ten Pokémon for ten PokéBalls
  • Spin a PokéStop or Gym for 500 Stardust

Completion rewards: encounter with Abra *, ten Razz berries, 500 XP

Second step

  • Strengthen Pokémon five times for ten Ultra Balls
  • Catch 20 Pokémon for five Pinap Berries
  • Make five big throws for a quick TM

Completion rewards: encounter with Ralts *, ten Great Balls, 500 Stardust

Third step

  • Hatch an egg for a Bronzor encounter *
  • Evolve two Psychic-type Pokémon for a Solosis encounter
  • Win a candy with your Pokémon buddy for 1,000 Stardust

Completion Rewards: Girafarig encounter, five revives, 500 XP

Fourth step

  • Send five gifts to friends for a TM charge
  • Use 15 berries to catch Pokémon for a Xatu encounter
  • Fight twice in the Pokémon Go Battle League in a Meditite encounter *

Completion Rewards: Starmie encounter, Incense, 500 XP

Fifth step

  • Fight in a raid for five hyper potions
  • Make five Nice Curveball throws in a row for a meeting with Baltoy
  • Use incense for a lure module

Completion Rewards: Inkay encounter, 1,000 Stardust, 1,000 XP

Field research

During the event, players can spin PokéStops and Gyms for the following event-exclusive Field Research tasks:

  • Catch ten Psychic-type Pokémon for an encounter with Abra, Drowzee, or Baltoy
  • Earn three candies with your Pokémon buddy for a Woobat encounter
  • Upgrade Inkay for an Inkay meeting
  • Make three nice Curveball throws in a row for 500 Stardust
  • Make seven Nice Curveball throws in a row for 1,000 Stardust
  • Make seven big Curveball throws in a row for 1,500 Stardust

If you’re looking for help with Curveball throws, be sure to check out our Curveball Guide!

Questions about the Psychic Spectacular event in Pokémon Go?

Do you have questions about the Psychic Spectacular event in Pokémon Go? Do you have any advice for your fellow trainers? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our ongoing coverage of Hoopa’s mischief and antics season!


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