Pokemon Go New update reveals Halloween event 2017 launch

The Pokemon Company International may simply have knocked down the beans at the next Pokémon Go event, About Pokemon Go New update reveals Halloween event 2017 launch.

An article on Pokemon.com has apparently confirmed that Pokémon Go is planning an event to coincide with the most scary time of the year. List of several “tricks or messes” of Pokémon planned for this month, the article mentioned an exciting event to come.

“The Halloween season is a special moment in Pokémon Go,” adds the article. “Many good things happen to the game later in October, and we look forward to going out and seeing what kind of excitement we can scare by catching new Pokemon to fill your Pokedex.”Pokemon Go New update reveals Halloween event 2017 launch 3

The article concludes by noting that more details about the Pokémon Go Halloween event would be published “soon”.

What fans have excited is the mention of “catching new Pokémon,” which could be a reference to Gen 3 Pokemon. Digs in the Pokémon Go code revealed that developers are working on a new wave of Pokémon species. It is possible that Pokemon Go can launch the new wave by launching a new Pokémon of the dark or ghost type, similar to how the game launched Baby Pokemon as a forerunner of Gen 2.

Pokémon Go launched its monthly tradition of events in the last Halloween game, which helped to stabilize and revitalize its user base. Players got twice the normal amount of candy at the first Halloween event and also had the opportunity to catch Ghost-Type and other “spooky” Pokemon that spawned increased numbers during the event of two weeks. The Halloween event caused an increase in revenue for Pokémon Go and brought back many players into the game.

No other details have been announced for this year’s Halloween event, but we are soon waiting for more information. Meanwhile, the Equinox running Pokémon Go event runs until October 3rd.

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