Pokémon Go: Mega Lopunny Mega raid guide

In honor of Easter Sunday, Mega Lopunny will debut in Pokémon Go on April 4. Other spring-themed Pokémon will be making their appearance in raids soon, and iMore has all the guides you need to beat them. Since this will be your first chance to defeat Mega Lopunny, here’s everything you need to know to prepare for battle. Be sure to check out our guide to the best Pokémon Go accessories to get ready for battle.

Who is Mega Lopunny in Pokémon Go?


Source: The Pokemon Company

The Generation 4 Pokémon Lopbunny is an evolution of the Pokémon Buneary Bunny, with a Mega version that has been around since Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, although it has only appeared in Level 3 Raids in Pokémon Go before now. The shiny version has pink and brown fur instead of the standard brown and tan.

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While it’s pretty cute, Lopunny isn’t particularly useful as it’s a Normal Pokémon and doesn’t have an impressive moveset. However, the Mega version of Lopunny is also a Fighting type, so this should be a big update.

What are the best counters for Mega Lopunny in Pokémon Go

As a Normal and Combat type, Mega Lopunny can deal Normal, Combat, and Fire damage. He is vulnerable to fairy, combat, flight and psychic attacks, resistant to bugs, darkness and rocks, and very resistant to ghost attacks. This means that you have a lot of great options to take in battle.


Pokémon 150 Mewtwo

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One of the original Legendary Pokémon and the star of several movies, the artificially created Mewtwo has always been one of the most popular and powerful Pokémon in the franchise. He returned to Five Star Raids for 10 days in February, so if you managed to capture him, he’s the best non-Shadow meter you can use against Lopbunny. The Psychic Pokémon will take half the damage from Lopunny’s combat attacks and deal massive damage with Confusion and Psystrike. Psycho Cut will be almost as good for fast movement. If you don’t have EliteTM to get Psystrike, you can get away with Psychic.

Mega Pidgeot

Pokemon 018 Pidgeot Mega

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Mega Pidgeot was one of the first Mega Evolution options added to Pokémon Go, so most players who have been playing for a while already have one, they already have Mega Evolved. If you don’t have one, try getting one soon. Mega Pidgeot can be taken down fairly easily with just two people using powerful Rock and Electric Pokémon. The Normal and Flying Pokémon is strong against Mega Lopunny’s combat attacks and its flying attacks will do bonus damage. Air Slash and Brave Bird are the ideal moves.

Latios or Latias

Pokémon 381 Latios

Source: The Pokémon Company

The Legendary Dragon and Psychic Pokémon Latios and Latias were part of the Five Star Raids in February, so if you could catch one, it should serve you well in this fight. While the two are slightly different in that Latios can do grass damage and Latias can do fairies and electrics, you’re actually better off with the psychic moves they both share: Zen Headbutt and Psychic. They will also be able to survive for a period of time thanks to half the damage of combat and fire attacks.

Competition durr

Pokémon 534 Conkeldurr

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The Fighting Pokémon is Timburr’s latest evolution from Unova and is a bit rare because to bring it back to its final form requires trading or 200 candies. If you have it, you will be able to hit Lopunny with Counter and Dynamic Punch. This is usually the highest DPS combination for the Pokemon, so you can also use it to good effect in other battles against normal types.


Pokémon 146 Sulfura

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Team Valor mascot, Moltres was part of legendary raids for nine days in February as part of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary celebration. If you were able to choose one at the time or during any of its previous appearances, you will benefit from the legendary bird’s resistance to Fighting and Fire attacks. The best movement set is Wing Attack and Sky Attack, but Fire Spin is almost as good for fast movement as it does a higher DPS even though it won’t hit Lopbunny’s flight vulnerability. Sky Attack requires an EliteTM, but it’s definitely worth it as it’s primarily Moltres’ highest DPS charged attack.


Pokemon 376 Metagross

Source: The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Iron Leg Metagross is Beldum’s latest evolution and can also be captured during raids. Hope you have a good one and all the candy you need to evolve and power it up on March 14, when Beldum was featured in a Day of Steel and Psychic Incense. He resists normal attacks from Mega Lopunny and will deal damage with the combination of Zen Headbut and Psychic. If you evolved Metagross during the Incense event, make sure you don’t trade in its charge attack as the Meteor Mash you were able to get is overall better DPS in most fights.

Mega Charizard Y

Pokemon 006 Mega Charizard Y

Source: The Pokémon Company

While many players prefer Mega Charizard X because it’s a Dragon type, the Mega Charizard Y Fire and Flying is the one you’ll want to use against Mega Lopunny. It resists Lopunny’s fire and combat attacks and will deal bonus damage with Air Slash or Wing Attack fast flying attacks. Blast Burn is his best charge attack, but if you don’t have a TM Elite to change it, Overheat also works great.


Pokémon 282 Gardevoir

Source: The Pokémon Company

Ralts’ final evolution can be captured from Raids. Hope you picked up some candy for them during the Valentine’s Day 2021 event. The Psychic Fairy Pokémon will take reduced damage from Lopunny’s combat attacks and hit its vulnerability with Confusion and Psychic. If you evolved it during the Valentine’s Day event and have the Synchronous Charged Attack, that will also work fine.


Pokémon 068 Machamp

Source: The Pokémon Company

The Generation I Machamp Fighting Pokémon is Machop’s latest evolution and can also be taken in Raid Battles. Since it’s pretty common, it’s been in the game from the start, and it’s one of the best Fighting Pokémon, you probably already have a good one in your collection. Counter and Dynamic Punch are his best shots in this fight and most other fights.


While most players can make a top scorer squad, if you find a gap in your squad, there are plenty of substitutes who work well in larger groups. Just make sure you dodge and one of the following could be a decent save:

  • Lucario with Counter and Aura Sphere
  • Gallade with confusion and psychic
  • Alakazam with confusion and psychic
  • Espeon with confusion and psychic
  • Rayquaza with Air Slash and Aerial Ace
  • Ho-Oh with Extrasensory and Brave Bird
  • Zapdos with Thunder Shock and Drill Peck
  • Hariyama with counter and dynamic punch
  • Lugia with Extrasensory and Aeroblast
  • Exeggutor with extrasensory and psychic

Shadow Pokémon?

The rebalancing of Shadow Pokémon saved from Team GO Rocket makes them excellent glass cannons. Not only are their stats improved, but during special events or with the EliteTMs it is possible to change their movements. If you have any of the following Pokémon with the right move set, they will work great in this Raid:

  • Shadow Mewtwo with Confusion and Psystrike
  • Shadow Metagross with Zen Headbutt and Psychic
  • Shadow Moltres with Wing Attack and Sky Attack
  • Shadow Alakazam with confusion and psychic
  • Shadow Gardevoir with confusion and psychic
  • Shadow Gallade with confusion and psychic
  • Shadow Zapdos with Thunder Shock and Drill Peck

Note: Shadow Mewtwo outperforms all other Pokémon in the top counter list. Shadow Metagross, Shadow Moltres, and Shadow Alakazam also work on par with the other top counters.

How many players does it take to beat Mega Lopunny in Pokémon Go?

It’s always best to throw as big a party as possible for mega raids, so be sure to invite lots of friends. Fortunately, Lopunny is not particularly difficult, so if you have a strong group you should be able to defeat him with three players.

Weather conditions that may impact this raid include:

  • Cloudy weather will increase Mega Lopunny’s Fighting-type attacks as well as your Fighting and Fairy-type markers.
  • Partly cloudy weather will increase Mega Lopunny’s Normal-type attacks.
  • Sunny / clear weather will increase Mega Lopunny’s fire attack.
  • Windy conditions will increase your Flight and Psychic counters.

Questions about fighting Mega Lopunny in Pokémon Go?

Do you have questions on how to approach this mega raid? Do you have any advice for your fellow trainers? Drop them in the comments below and be sure to check out our full Pokédex, so you can be the best like no one has ever been!


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