Pokemon Go Brings Back Hoopa Unbound for a New Type of Raid

Pokemon Go has introduced a new, more challenging type of raid battle called Elite Raids.

Unlike other types of raids, Elite Raid eggs will appear at gyms 24 hours before the raid begins. Since these raids can only be joined in-person, you’ll need to use that advance notice to coordinate with other players and physically meet up at the gym in question to participate. 

Elite Raids are also much more challenging than other types of raids. The first Elite Raid boss will be Hoopa Unbound, which will begin appearing in gyms Oct. 16. If your party manages to successfully defeat the powerful mythical Pokemon, everyone who participated in the battle will earn a chance to catch it.

In the meantime, Pokemon Go’s Festival of Lights celebration is underway until Oct. 17. As part of the event, you have your first chance to get Morelull and its evolved form, Shiinotic, in the game. 

Pokemon Go’s October Community Day is Oct. 15. You can see everything else happening in the game this month in our October events roundup.

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