Pokémon GO Announces Partnership with Starbucks in Select Asia Markets

Pokémon GO Announces Partnership with Starbucks in Select Asia Markets 3

Pokémon GO has announced a new partnership with Starbucks, transforming its locations into PokéStops and sponsored gyms in select Asian markets. It will include locations in Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

We’ve seen a lot of new partnerships announced this year for Pokémon GO! From special sponsored weekend events with GrubHub and Verizon in the US, McDonalds in Latin America and the Caribbean, to 7/11 sponsored locations and events in Mexico.

Starbucks has worked with Pokémon GO in the past, sponsoring locations in the US and even creating their own special Pokémon GO Frappuccino that trainers could enjoy.

We hope this means that many more parts of the world will gradually see companies working with Pokémon GO on creating sponsored locations. More PokéStops, gyms, and sponsored events can only be a good thing for trainers in those areas!

From the official blog post:

“Both Starbucks and Pokémon GO represent important gathering spaces for the community, both online and offline,” said Erin Silvoy, vice president of marketing and products for Starbucks Asia Pacific. “Starbucks is pleased to offer our customers in Asia more ways to connect with the world of Pokémon GO and for Pokémon GO trainers to enjoy the premium Starbucks experience on their adventures.”

“Niantic’s mission is ‘Walking Adventures with Others,'” said Gary Chang, APAC Business Development Leader at Niantic. “In partnership with Starbucks, we can unite our shared values ​​of health and wellness in this exciting experience for clients and coaches.” Since introducing the world to a new genre of mobile gaming, location-based augmented reality games, Niantic has been working with traditional brands such as Starbucks around the world to bring customers new experiences focused on movement and exploration ‘.

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