Niantic Lowers PokéStop Submission Level Requirement to 38

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Trainers, Niantic support recently tweeted to say that they have now lowered the level requirement needed to send PokéStops from 40 to 38.

This is great news for players around the world as it now means that PokéStop submissions are no longer exclusive to those players who have reached the level cap and can now be submitted by more players.

This can be an impetus to get more landmarks / places of interest mapped by Niantic (as can also be seen in their recent AR-Mapping Research Tasks introduction) or it can simply be an incentive to get more players (particularly the rural ones) play more.

Whatever your opinion, you can see Niantics’ tweet here:

Niantic Lowers PokéStop Submission Level Requirement to 38 5

Here at The Hub we think this is a great way to get lower-level players who haven’t reached the level cap more engaged with the game and their local environment. This could mean that in the future we will see the level requirement decrease once again, but only time will tell.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Niantic Lowers PokéStop Submission Level Requirement to 38 6

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