Niantic announces the 12 Days of Friendship event coming to Pokémon Go

To kick off the Go Beyond initiative, Niantic announced a new event starting with Pokémon Go today: 12 Days of Friendship. To celebrate the friends who made our Pokémon Go Journey so much more than just a game, for the next 12 days all activities that normally increase your Friendship Level in Pokémon Go will be stepped up. Whether you open gifts, trade Pokémon, or fight with your friends, you’ll be able to reach that higher level of Best Friend much faster during this event.

Additionally, if you fight with your friends in raids, you will get an additional attack bonus. Make sure to stock up on Ranged Raid Passes, as this bonus applies whether you’re in the same room or fighting on opposite sides of the planet! Completing Raids with friends will also grant even more EXP to help more players reach level 40. Also starting today, players will earn double EXP for catching Pokémon. This bonus will last for the 12 days of the Friendship event, as well as during the month of December. Trainers who reach Level 40 before the end of the year will earn impressive rewards, including a Legacy 40 Medal and access to a Timed Research to earn a Gyarados Hat.

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12 Days of Friendship is just a small part of today’s announcements, so be sure to check out our in-depth coverage of the entire Go Beyond update, and check out our best Pokémon Go accessories, so you can be fully equipped for your Pokémon journey!


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