Niantic announces server maintenance: November 3rd to 6th

Hello coaches,

Niantic support has tweeted who will perform server maintenance from Wednesday, November 3 to Saturday, November 6. Exact hours were not announced, however we expect maintenance to probably start on the morning PDT on Day 3 and end sometime before the afternoon of Day 6. If not sooner depending on how things are going.

Niantic support indicates in the tweet that the game will be available during server maintenance, however, trainers may experience some in-game interruptions.

We don’t expect a lot of disruptions given Niantic’s server architecture. Check out the recent overview on how their servers are working.

As for groundbreaking updates, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that front. Even if this, in part, has something to do with the game updates, there will be tests before we see anything in the game.

Niantic also announced that they will release updates when maintenance begins and then again when it ends. So keep an eye out for updates on social media.

That’s it for now, coaches, stay safe!

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