Niantic announces events for November 2020 in Pokémon Go

Today, Niantic announced the calendar of events for November 2020 in Pokémon Go and the month appears to be considerably quieter than October and previous months. There were also a number of undisclosed Pokémon in the announcement, with a promise for more details soon.

Togetic will take over from Shedinja as a groundbreaking research reward encounter. There will be a number of familiar Pokémon in Legendary Raids and Spotlight Hours.

The legendary five-star raids for November will include:

  • As previously announced, from Friday October 23 through Thursday November 5, Darkrai will be the boss of the Legendary Raid.
  • From Thursday, November 5 through Monday, November 16, a familiar Pokémon will return to Legendary Raids.
  • From Monday November 16 to Tuesday November 24, the Legendary Swords of Justice, Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion will return in Legendary Raids.
  • From Tuesday, November 24 to Monday, November 30, a new Pokémon will take control of Legendary Raids.

Projector hours will include:

  • November 3 will feature Cubone and Stardust double catch.
  • November 10th will feature Jigglypuff and double catch XP.
  • November 17th will feature Meowth and the double wrestling Candy.
  • On November 24, Barboach and Candy double transfer.

Additionally, there will be a timed research event on November 28 with more details to come at a later date. Some updates have also been announced, including more details on the individual Pokémon you’ve caught, such as the type of egg it came from or the raid it was fought in; and a limit to the number of special research lines that new trainers can work on at the same time.

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Which of these familiar faces are you most eager to see again? Do you know who these mysterious familiar faces might be? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our Pokémon Go Halloween 2020 event coverage so you can make sure you catch them all!


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