Home News Native refresh rate, Hoopa Unbound, Giovanni’s return and new Shadow Pokémon hinted

Native refresh rate, Hoopa Unbound, Giovanni’s return and new Shadow Pokémon hinted

Native refresh rate, Hoopa Unbound, Giovanni’s return and new Shadow Pokémon hinted

Trainers, a new batch of text updates has been sent to Pokémon GO! As usual, Niantic tends to send text updates before launching the features mentioned in them, sometimes even months in advance.

Today’s batch of updates is quite interesting, as some long-awaited features have been spotted:

  • Support for native device refresh rate that anyone playing games on a high refresh rate device should love
  • Giovanni’s return has been hinted, this time with a new unnamed Shadow Pokémon
  • Hoopa unleashed It has been mentioned by name, and there are a handful of other updates.

Let’s dive in, but keep in mind that all of this information is speculative and is subject to change at any time. This is information extracted from data and as such is not endorsed by Niantic. This data mining report was submitted by PokéMiners.

Team GO Rocket is behind Hoopa, Giovanni returns with a new Legendary Shadow Pokémon

Professor Willow’s investigation is ongoing, and it appears the upcoming missions in Mischief misunderstood are poised to shed more light on Hoopa Unbound, Team Rocket’s involvement in the entire Hoopa situation, and … Giovanni’s return!

SPOILERS AHEAD. You have been warned.

The new quest line begins with Team GO Rocket reappearing and causing trouble in the world of Pokémon GO. As expected, they want to capture Hoopa.

Nice to see you,% PLAYERNAME%. I wish I had better news, but it looks like Team GO Rocket is causing trouble once again! While on patrol, Spark and Candela overheard some Grunts from Team GO Rocket discussing the organization’s next move. They want to capture Hoopa! It seems your orders have arrived directly from Giovanni himself.

Of course, this is not all, since Giovanni makes an impressive comeback, emerging from the shadows with a new Legendary Shadow Pokémon (Could it finally be Lugia?) Not only that, but it seems that capturing or harnessing the power of Hoopa Unbound is TGR’s goal here:

I shudder to think that all this time Giovanni may have been lurking in the shadows right behind us, reaping the benefits of our research. Intriguing while we were studying Hoopa… There is no time to waste, we have to stop them! Hoopa unleashed it is incredibly powerful, and I have no doubt that Giovanni intends to use it for some sinister purpose.

We also learned that Giovanni has turned another Legendary Pokémon into a Shadow Pokémon! The team leaders and I will do what we can, but we’ll need your help if we want to defeat Giovanni, save the Legendary Pokémon from the shadows, and keep Hoopa safe.

By defeating Giovanni, players have a chance to save another Legendary Pokémon from the Shadows, and it seems that the true power of Hoopa (the unlimited form) could be the final test of this saga:

Incredible work,% PLAYERNAME%! You have successfully defeated Team GO Rocket once more and saved another Legendary Pokémon from the shadows – and Hoopa too! Speaking of Hoopa, I have a suspicion that due to your kindness, we might be lucky enough to witness him as Hoopa Unbound someday soon. What a show it will be, huh?

We’ve come a long way in our research, and unlocking Hoopa’s true power may be the final test in this mysterious saga. Are you ready, coach? Let’s go!

That is something to look forward to! Make sure you stay up to date with the Pokémon GO Misunderstood Mischief Investigation Guide, tasks and rewards and don’t miss out on this quest line, it’s really cool!

Native refresh rate

Finally, really finally, Pokémon GO will be able to work with your device’s native refresh rate. Most Android phones, and newer iPhone models, are pushing the refresh rate from 60hz to 90 or sometimes 120hz, and we are very happy to see that this is supported by Pokémon GO.

Slick PokéBall animations and high battery usage, here we go!

Native Refresh Rate

Unlock your device’s native refresh rate for higher FPS.

Native refresh rate unlocked.

Other Findings

  • There are some changes and mentions of global and regional challenges.
  • The Collection Challenge help text has been slightly updated
  • There are new tutorials for Lures and Razz Berries.
  • Shinx Community Day quest and research texts have also been detected, but some of that has already been detected. Shinx Community Day texts, 4x XL Catch Candy and more have been data mined.
  • There are other warning text updates and Wayfarer, nothing too exciting

The post-Native update frequency, Hoopa Unbound, Giovanni’s return, and the new Pokémon Shadow hinted at first appeared in the Pokémon GO Hub.


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