Melmetal temporarily removed from GO Battle League due to move bug


Coaches, attention! Melmetal has been temporarily removed from the GO Battle League as Niantic continues to investigate an issue with its stat-mod laden attacks. The whole problem has been shared in the Niantic Support Website (Known Issues section):

Melmetal using a charged attack that increases or decreases stats causes the charged attack and switch buttons to disappear for both trainers.

  • Description of the problem: After Melmetal uses a Charged Attack that applies an effect that increases or decreases stats, both Trainers will see their Charged Attack and Switch buttons disappear, and they will not be able to take any action.
  • Problem status: Doing research. Meanwhile, Melmetal has been removed from GO Battle League.

Please note that this is a temporary issue and that Melmetal is scheduled to return to Pokémon GO Trainer Battles soon.

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