Lets Speculate: Niantic announces monthly sub for Ingress

Lets Speculate: Niantic announces monthly sub for Ingress 3

Hello coaches!

Niantic recently announced that a monthly subscription to Ingress is coming soon, and they have shared details on what it will look like. You can read all about the details here. The subscription in Ingress is called Community, Offers, Recognition and Expansion “CORE”

Knowing the details about the entry submarine, we can speculate on what a subscription to Pokémon Go would look like. So let’s do that!

Ingress rewards

The monthly subscription for income will give you the following bonuses:

  • 500 capacity expansion to inventory
  • CORE Agent Profile Medal
  • CORE Flair Agent Code Name
  • 2,500 CMU monthly grant *
  • 1 CORE equipment kit every month
  • View Inventory and Purchased Portal Keys on the Intel Map

The possible conversion

The cost

The Ingress CORE subscription was announced at $ 4.99 per month. I do not anticipate that the cost will be much different for Pokémon Go.

500 capacity expansion to inventory

This could be a simple 1: 1 conversion. Additional storage of 500 items. However, we could see them break this down into 250 Storage Pokemon and 250 Item Storage Pokemon.

Another question here is whether this will be permanent, will you get these bonuses forever or will they only be available to you as long as you are subscribed?

Personally, I think we will get a 250/250 split and that additional space will only be available to you as long as you are subscribed. So if you cancel your subscription, you will have to ditch the items / Pokémon to free up space.

CORE Agent Profile Medal

Again, a simple 1: 1 conversion, you will get a badge showing that you are subscribed.

CORE Flair Agent Code Name

This will likely be similar to the way Lucky Friends appears on your friends list. Your name will show up in a different color and maybe have some kind of glitter.

2,500 CMU monthly grant

  • As a one-time bonus, Ingress agents earn a grant of 7,500 CMU when they sign up and receive 2,500 per month for each month after signing up.

This one is interesting, since we can’t directly convert it to Pokécoins. Ingress 2,500 CMU costs $ 1.99 USD, 7,000 CMU costs $ 4.99

If you turn that into Pokécoins, it would be the equivalent of 200 Pokécons per month and a one-time bonus of 550 Pokécoins.

CMUcostPokécoin equivalent
2500$ 1.99200
7000$ 4.99550

1 CORE equipment kit every month

This will probably equal one free box every month. I wouldn’t anticipate that the box will contain a lot of items, maybe a handful of Pokéballs, maybe a premier / remote raid pass, some revives, potions. Maybe an incubator? I also got to see Niantic rotating what’s in the boxes every month.

I’ve said that since the Community Day ticket should be included in any monthly subscription, they could put it in the box.

View Inventory and Purchased Portal Keys on the Intel Map

I don’t see a direct comparison of Pokémon Go to this one. Maybe we’ll get some toiletries, a special subscription jacket, or a new pose? A wild stretch here could be that we could get remote access to field research at a Pokéstop by clicking on it.


There are some important differences between Ingress and Pokémon Go, but there are enough similarities to allow us to make comparisons. I think if we get some extra Pokemon / item storage and a community day ticket monthly it will probably be worth it depending on the cost.

What do you think we will get as part of the subscription? Are you considering paying the bonuses monthly? Let us know what you think!

That’s it for now, stay safe coaches!

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