Kleavor – Sycther’s Hisuan Evolution – revealed

A recent trailer for Pokémon Legends Arceus has revealed a new Pokémon that Scyther can evolve into: Kleavor. Kleavor is a new Insect and rock type available in the Hisui region where Legends: Arceus is scheduled to take place.

As with previous games in the main Pokémon series, we expect Pokémon from the Hisui region to be available in Pokémon GO through a crossover (or promotional) event. With that said, let’s take a look at Kleavor.

You can learn more about the game here: legends.pokemon.com and watch the trailer below:


CATEGORYAx pokemon
WRITESInsect / Rock
HEIGHT5’11 “
WEIGHT196.2 pounds

Parts of her body have turned to stone

Kleavor – Sycther’s Hisuan Evolution – revealed 13

The special minerals found in the Hisui region make Scyther turn into this Pokémon. Parts of his body have been hardened to stone. Stone parts are often chipped during fierce battles, and Kleavor that have survived many battles will show larger splinters on their bodies.

However, chipping actually makes these stone pieces sharper, increasing their cutting power. The Hisui people are said to have once used pieces of stone that had fallen from Kleavor to make tools.

Kleavor – Sycther’s Hisuan Evolution – revealed 14

He attacks with his ax-like arms

Even a casual strike from one of Kleavor’s large ax-shaped arms is capable of dealing a devastating blow and dealing massive damage to the toughest opponents. Kleavor uses his arms to carve symbols into tree trunks and even cut down trees to mark his territory.

If you come across trees with marks made by a sharp blade or a row of trees cut in a criss-cross pattern, it could be Kleavor’s doing.

Other Hisuan Pokémon

Kleavor isn’t the only Hsuan Pokémon that has been revealed to date. Here is a short list of the new Pokémon that we hope to find in GO after the launch of Pokémon Legends: Arceus.


Kleavor – Sycther’s Hisuan Evolution – revealed 15

In the Hisui region, Stantler can evolve to Wyrdeer. This Pokémon has long been treasured by the people of this region, for whom it is indispensable. Normal and Psychic writes.

Hispanic bravia

Kleavor – Sycther’s Hisuan Evolution – revealed 16

When Rufflet in the Hisui region evolves, they become Hispanic bravia. In winter, this Pokémon flies from somewhere further north. Psychic and Flying writes.

Hisuian Growlithe

Kleavor – Sycther’s Hisuan Evolution – revealed 17

This is Growlithe as it appears in the Hisui region. its The Hispanic form has moreBulkier, fur than the previously discovered form of Growlithe. Fire and rock writes.


Kleavor – Sycther’s Hisuan Evolution – revealed 18Basculin in the Hisui region can evolve to Togglegion. This Evolution occurs when a Basculin is possessed by the souls of other Basculin from their school who could not endure the hard journey upriver. Water and Ghost writes.

Online reactions

The recent trailer created quite a stir about the game. We found BirdKeeperToby to be particularly nice:

As usual, Austin John Plays posted a detailed video of the recent trailer. Check it out if you are interested in this game:

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