iPhone 14 (2022) rumors: Everything you need to know

We’re now just a matter of weeks away from a new iPhone launch, as Apple prepares to reveal its latest handset family, the iPhone 14. The latest updates pin an iPhone 14 launch date for an event on September 7. So with the clock ticking until Apple lifts the lid officially on its new iPhone 14 handset family, here’s what we know about the devices so far.

Even more so than with previous generations of iPhone, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models are expected to be vastly different from each other when they launch in what’s expected to be the usual September window. Leaks from the supply chain suggest that Apple is doubling down on favoring the more expensive Pro models this time around, with the standard iPhone 14, expected to replace its current iPhone 13, a more modest upgrade over its predecessor.


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