Incense and Buddy “Stay at Home” Bonuses return until June 2021

Trainers, just a quick update on the topic of temporary bonuses during the Coronavirus pandemic. Niantic has announced that they will return two bonuses until June 2021:

  • Incense efficacy will increase, now attracts Pokémon more often.
  • Your friend pokemon now bring you more gifts each day, up to five gifts at a time and up to three times a day.

These bonuses will return at the start of the game. Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 6:00 pm PST. These bonuses are temporary, but will remain in the game to a minimum. until June 2021. Niantic has promised to give at least one month’s notice before they change.

Additionally, some of the “Stay Home” bonuses are being converted to regular event bonuses. Keep an eye out for the following bonuses that will appear during select upcoming events, ensuring they have components that can be played safely regardless of your situation:

  • Reducing the distance from the incubator
  • Increase the commercial distance
  • 1 PokéCoin Packs
  • …and more

We have already written extensively about how good Home Stay Vouchers were when they were available in full swing, so seeing a portion of them return makes us happy, even though they return due to the increased spread of COVID- 19.

Stay safe and enjoy the new bonuses! We have a nifty guide on how to stay safe while playing Pokémon GO during Pandemic: Winter Edition, so check it out too.

Incense and Buddy "Stay at Home" Bonuses return until June 2021 3

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