How to get a refund for Pokémon Go Safari Zone tickets

Pokémon Go hosts several live events throughout the year, most of which have non-refundable tickets. However, in the event that Niantic decides to postpone or cancel an event, it offers a means of request a refund. One such event is the Pokémon Go Safari Zone St. Louis, which was scheduled to take place from March 27 to 29, 2020. If you have tickets for this event, you have several options for the future.

Pokémon Go Safari Zone St. Louis

One of the many live events recently canceled or postponed due to concerns surrounding Covid-19, the Pokémon Go St. Louis Safari area has been delayed. This three-day event was to take control of Tower Grove Park in Saint-Louis from March 27 to 29, 2020. It promised, among other things, access to the exclusive Unown S and to Chatot, a locked region. Although the event has not been canceled, Niantic has not announced details of when it will be postponed. Recognizing the difficulty this presents to players while trying to plan, Niantic offers several options to those who have purchased tickets for this event.

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What are my options?

If you have purchased tickets for the Safari Zone St. Louis, you have three options in the future. You can attend the event when it is rescheduled, you can play locally during the rescheduled period, or you can request a refund.


Since the Pokémon Go Safari St. Louis area has only been postponed and not canceled, you have the option of attending the event when Niantic reschedules it. Your tickets will still be valid for this event. This option is particularly ideal for players who live in or around Saint-Louis, or simply players who can reorganize their trip to Saint-Louis.

Local game

If you cannot rearrange your travel plans, Niantic offers a local gaming option to players who purchased tickets for this Safari area during the original purchase window. This means that, during the rescheduled period, you will be able to have all of the special search and Pokémon encounters in the Saint-Louis safari area wherever you are. Keep in mind that this will apply to you alone and specifically during your local time zone. If you have a noon Saturday ticket but are in Baltimore, your event will start at noon EST, not one. This option is suitable for players who can always ensure that they will be free during the rescheduled period, but are not sure whether they will be able to get to Saint-Louis.


If you cannot be sure that you will be free during the rescheduled period, you also have the option of requesting a refund. When the Pokémon Go Safari St. Louis area is rescheduled, refunded tickets will go on sale again, so you may be able to get a refund for your tickets and buy new ones if the new date and time is right for you. However, it is important to keep in mind that these events are very popular and likely to sell out quickly. If you absolutely cannot miss this event, you better keep your tickets. It is also important to keep in mind that you cannot request a partial refund. If you picked up tickets for you and a friend, you can get refunds for both tickets or neither. You cannot get a refund for just one of the tickets.

How to request a refund

Fortunately, getting a refund for your Safari Zone tickets is a quick and easy process. Between now and March 25, 11:59 p.m. PST, you can request a refund via the support built into the application:

  1. Open the Main Menu by pressing the Poké Ball icon.
  2. Tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu.
  3. At the bottom of the page, tap Acquire help
  4. If you’re using an iOS device, tap Contact us.
  5. If you’re using an Android device, tap the message icon.


Do you have questions about the refund of your Pokémon Go Safari Zone St. Louis tickets? Will you still be participating in this event in St. Louis or remotely? Send us a comment below and be sure to check out our full Pokédex, as well as our many Pokémon Go guides so you too can become a Pokémon master!


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