How to beat Lugia in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go Lugia

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The legendary Lugia Pokémon returns for a special week of raid. Starting Tuesday, March 24, 2020, at 1 p.m. PST, Lugia will be available for an entire week in five-star raids. Not only will this legendary Pokémon have the potential to be brilliant, but it will also experience the signature movement, Aeroblast, available for the first time during this event. It’s a difficult raid, trainers, but with our guide and a little luck, you will leave with a brand new Lugia!

The Pokémon Silver mascot and the polar opposite of Ho-Oh, Lugia is the master of the seas, as well as the legendary trio of birds. It is a Legendary Psychic and Flying Pokémon which is so incredibly powerful that it generally isolates itself at the bottom of the oceans to avoid inflicting accidental damage to it. He is incredibly intelligent and can communicate with Pokémon and humans by telepathy. As far as Pokémon Go is concerned, Lugia is the bulkiest psychic type and with the addition of its Signature movement, Aeroblast, it’s definitely a Pokémon that you want in your list!

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What are the best counters?

Weak against Rock, Ghost, Electric, Ice and Dark types, there are many good counters for Lugia. However, Lugia is extremely large. It’s not an easy raid, so you’ll want a good size group to do it.


Pokemon 491 Darkrai

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The Dark Mythical type Pokémon, Darkrai is the best when it comes to taking Lugia. You’re going to want the Fast Move Snarl, and either Shadow Ball or Dark Pulse for your loaded move. Fortunately, Darkrai was recently available in both raids and as a Go Battle League reward match. If you have a couple, it’s even better.

Giratina (Origin Forme)

Pokémon 487 Giratina Origin

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Another great counter for Lugia is Giratina’s Origin Form. This legendary Ghost and Dragon type has somewhat limited availability, so you may not have the resources to power it up. If you do, you’ll want to focus on its Ghost, Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball moves.


Pokemon 462 Magnezone

Source: The Pokémon Company

Magnezone is the final evolution of Gen I Magnemite, so getting enough candy to light it should be fairly easy. However, you can only upgrade it when you use a magnetic lure mod. However, if you have this powerful electric type, the movement you are looking for is Spark and Wild Charge.


Pokémon 243 Raikou

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One of Ho-Oh’s legendary beasts, Raikou has been available through raids, groundbreaking rewards and even as a Shadow Pokémon forced to fight for the infamous GO GO Rocket’s Giovanni. You probably have a few on your list, so this is a great option for this raid. The Fast Thunder Thunder Shock and the Charged move Wild Charge are the set you will need for your Raikou.


Pokemon 248 Tyranitar

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Good old reliable T-tar. Having been around in several ways, the best players have entire teams of Tyranitar. If you bring Tyranitar to fight Lugia, Rock moves like the Community Day Exclusive Smack Down and Stone Edge work well, but you can also bring the Crunch loaded move to take advantage of Lugia’s weakness in Dark moves.


Pokemon 466 Electivire

Source: The Pokémon Company

Another final evolution of a first generation Pokémon, Electivire is the last step in Electabuzz and Elekid. It requires a Sinnoh stone and 100 candies to evolve, but it has been available for some time, so it is likely that you will have at least one that you could bring to this raid. The set of moves you want your Electivire to know is Thunder Shock and Wild Charge.


Pokémon 639 Terrakion

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One of the swords of justice, Terrakion is a legendary Pokémon that hasn’t had much availability. Still, its Rock, Smack Down, and Rock Slide move game will quickly eliminate Lugia, so if you have a strong Terrakion or two, you’ll want to add her to your team.


Pokemon 145 Zapdos

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One of the legendary birds over which Lugia technically reigns, Zapdos’ Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt take advantage of Lugia’s weak electric type. Additionally, Zapdos is available in raids, events, as Giovanni’s Ghost Pokémon and as a revolutionary reward encounter. There is no excuse for not having several strong Zapdos now, so bring them to eliminate Lugia.


Although the best markers include several legendary Pokémon and even a mythical Pokémon, there are still many good markers that you may also have on your list. If you’re having trouble building a good team of top counters, consider some of these backups:

  • Weaville with growl and foul play or avalanche
  • Luxray with Spark and Wild Charge
  • Hydreigon with Bite and Dark Pulse
  • Rhyperior with Smack Down and Stone Edge
  • Mamoswine with powder and Avanlache
  • Mewtwo with Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball
  • Glaceon with breath of frost or burst of ice and avalanche
  • Rampardos with Smack Down and Rock Slide
  • Chandelier with hexagon and shadow ball
  • Gengar with Shadow Claw or Lick and Shadow Ball
  • Honchkrow with Snarl and Dark Pulse
  • Banette with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball

How many players does it take to beat Lugia?

Lugia is a more difficult raid that requires more trainers. Even with top level coaches, excellent counters and favorable weather conditions, you will need at least three players. If you’re not a top player, aim for at least six. Windy Weather will stimulate most of Lugia’s movements, including the Signature movement, Aeroblast, but you will also get weather-boosted Lugia. This one is definitely worth targeting the Weather Boost. If you have trouble beating it, however, the partly cloudy weather will increase the Rock type counters, the rainy weather will increase the Electric type counters and the fog will increase your Dark type counters.


Do you have questions about the fight against Lugia? Do you have advice for your fellow trainers? Send us a comment below and be sure to check out our full Pokédex, as well as our many Pokémon Go guides so that you too can become a Pokémon master!


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