GO Battle Night Returns on June 3, 2021

What a night of battle will return to Pokémon GO. If you are looking to gain an advantage in Season 8 from GO Battle League, then this is your perfect opportunity.

This event is a great opportunity for new and experienced players to show off their skills while earning additional rewards like bonus Stardust, exclusive GO Battle League encounters, and more!

Date and Time

GO Battle Night will start on 3 of June from 6 pm to 11:59 pm local time.

What is GO Battle Night?

This event allows Trainers to complete 20 sets of battles in the GO Battle League, compared to the normal five sets, for a total of up to 100 battles. Ready for the challenge?

The last seasons GO Battle Night was combined with the Flying cup, which at that time was a new cup in which only Flying Pokémon of type 1,500CP and below were allowed. As of this writing, we are still waiting for an announcement from Niantic to see what new themed cup will be unveiled and what new rewards will be offered for competing in this upcoming GO Battle Night.

Coaches who did not want to participate in the Flying Cup last season also had access to the open the big league where they could show off their skills with their seasoned team’s compositions instead of jumping into a fairly unknown goal. The same will happen with this event as well.

Make sure to stay tuned on social media for when Niantic makes their official announcement for this next themed cup along with the rewards that will be available.

We will be sure to cover them in a future article along with an informative meta-analysis once more information becomes available.

More details

Last season, this event took place at the end of the season for those looking to give the final push to their desired goals. This season will be at the start, which in hindsight will put less pressure and stress on those looking to compete in it.

Hardcore PvP trainers will see this as an opportunity to quickly work their way through the ranks and fight to be on top of their opponents, while novice trainers might see this as a great way to test the waters and test Pokémon with whom. they may not be familiar. to assess whether they want to form a team around you or not.

Either way, the rewards will be a good incentive for those who wish to participate and will also be an excellent learning experience for those looking to improve their understanding of the PvP game.

Parting words

If you are looking to compete in all 100 battles, good luck!

Remember to take a break between games and cool down for when the going gets tough. Take each game one at a time and try not to get a negative mindset from a previous loss.

For some tips on the mental aspect of PvP that are less frequently talked about but are incredibly important for staying calm and composing yourself, check out this article.

Good luck and have fun!

Adam ‘Avrip’

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