ECLIPSE TD307MK3 desktop speakers review: Stunning looks to go with stunning sound

There is no shortage of desktop speakers out there, connecting to your laptop in a variety of ways. The problem is that they all look the same – a kind of wooden box, with a front fascia that can be removed to see a pair of drivers underneath.

The ECLIPSE TD307 MK3 speakers are not like the others. They are a pair of speakers that look more like something you might see zooming down from space in an episode of the X-Files, with some sleek enclosures and sweet little driver covers on the front. They also happen to sound really really good, if you hook them up to the correct hardware.

The audiophile

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The audiophile

Tammy Rogers

Tammy loves high end audio, be that a pair of speakers or super cool pairs of expensive headphones. She’s reviewed the likes of the Nothing Ear (2), all the way up to the mega expensive and ridiculously good Meze Empyreans. She tests equipment both in a HiFi and a desktop setting, making sure to get the best out of the kit in question.

ECLIPSE TD307 MK3: Price and availability

ECLIPSE TD307 on a shelf, side view of the teardrop shape

(Image credit: Tammy Rogers/iMore)

They won’t be available from the usual sources, so instead you’ll have to look at more dedicated HiFi shops, such as Richer Sounds (opens in new tab) in the UK, to find them. When you do find them, you pay $300/£300 per speaker, thereby buying them separately. There is more information about stock on the ECLIPSE website (opens in new tab).


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