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Pokémon GO Special Trading Event

Last night Pokémon GO tweeted a surprise announcement that distance trading It is back until November 23 at 4 pm PST! This was a real surprise as the 12km remote trading range only ended on November 16, so it seems Niantic is eager to test this new feature even further with greater distances. Drum!

The distance has been ‘increased a lot‘to quote, and at this time it is speculated that the distance is between 38 and 50 km, although reports currently vary. Report your findings in the comments and let us know how far you’ve managed to trade.

Distance Trading is Back! | Pokemon GO Hub 5

Now is a great time to safely trade with your fellow trainers and finally make some of those outstanding and lucky special trades that we all seem to have overdue thanks to the pandemic. Special trades can only be done once a day, but you can do as many lucky friend trades as you want until you reach that trade limit of 100 trades per day. Take this opportunity to clear your bag space before Magmar Community Day this weekend and re-release some of those rare spawns you’ve been saving.

This has not been mentioned on your blog or in game news, so be sure to spread the word within your local community so that they can take full advantage of this increased trading range!

Distance Trading is Back! | Pokemon GO Hub 6

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