Apple switching to OLED by 2027, new 32- and 42-inch displays planned

Apple has always been invested in display technology, and it has reflected in the kind of displays the company has used in its products. For the last few years, the focus has been mini-LED displays. Apple has brought these to its dedicated displays, as well as MacBooks and iPads. However, it seems like Apple may be looking to switch away to OLED soon.

iPhones already come with OLED displays, and according to a new report from Omdia, as reported by OLED Info (opens in new tab)it looks like Apple is planning to completely switch all of its displays to OLED by 2027. The company is also looking at two new displays in 32- and 47-inch sizes, according to the report.

OLED iPad just the beginning of a complete switch for Apple

Apple display roadmap by Omdia

(Image credit: Omdia (via OLED Info))

We’ve heard rumors about an OLED iPad Pro upgrade coining soon, with the latest update hinting at a 2024 release. However, it looks like that update is likely the beginning of a major shift for the company. Apple first started using OLED screens with the iPhone X in 2017, and it appears that the company is planning a complete switch to OLED by ten years after that point, in 2027.


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