Apple Car rumors: Everything you need to know

Apple is widely expected to unveil an Apple Car in the coming years. It will most likely be an autonomous electric vehicle, manufactured in partnership with an established car maker. We know a whole lot more about Apple Car than we used to, so here’s a rundown of everything we (think we) know.

When will Apple announce the Apple Car?

When exactly is an Apple Car coming? Well, it won’t be for a few years just yet. Prominent analysts and leakers have stated that it could be 2025 at the earliest. Other reports have suggested that it could launch in 2024, whilst Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has echoed Kuo stating a car is “at least” five years away. Not mutually exclusive, Apple could well announce a car months or even years in advance of a release, as it has done with other products previously. But don’t expect to see an Apple Car in the next couple of years.

What exactly is the Apple Car?


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