0.205.0 APK Teardown Part 2: More on Routes!

Hello coaches! The Pokéminers are back with more details about the latest 0.205.0 update. They have discovered many more details about the routes and a little more. You can read the breakdown of the Pokéminers here. Go give them a positive vote! You can read the article on the original teardown here.

By now you know the drill, everything in this article is data-minded and therefore subject to change or not even published. You’ll also see a running theme as we go along, that much of this seems unfinished.

While there is a lot of information here, there are large parts that just don’t seem ready yet. So, with all of that in mind, keep your expectations at a reasonable level and let’s dive in!

Route badge

Routes will have badges associated with them in much the same way as gym badges work. Each route will have its own badge, there will be different versions of the badges (bronze, silver, gold, etc). When displayed, the badges will show you a lot of interesting information.

The badges will have interesting information attached.

  • The name, description and image of the route
  • The starting position of the route
  • Who created the route.
  • The estimated time it will take to complete or how long did it take to create? This one is unclear, probably the first.
  • The number of times the route was completed.
  • The last time you walked the road.
  • The number of stamps you have earned on the route.
  • The last POIs you interacted with on the route.

Route stamps

Rotary stops on the route will reward you with stamps that you can see in the badge menu. The stamps appear to have a type and a color, but they do not have subcategories, so they are probably not finished at this time.

NPC Dialog

There is a new dialogue system added to the game that appears identical to the existing dialogue system used for Team Go Rocket. It looks like it’s just a placeholder code at this point, giving more support for this unfinished feature.

Route activities

It appears that the NPCs will be used to guide the trainers through different activities, which are:

  • No activity
  • Trade Pokémon
  • Compare Pokémon
  • Commercial gift

It is not clear whether these activities will be based on individual stops or on complete routes. However, the miners believe that they will be based on stops, as each stop appears to contain one of the above activities.

The Pokémon Trade and Trade Gift sections don’t have a lot of code within them, again, another sign that this isn’t quite ready. Considering what we are going to talk about next, the Pokémon Trading and Trading gift functions will not be available with other players, but with the NPC mentioned above. It’s like trading your Pokémon for a regional variant of the same Pokémon in the main series games. (ex: Rattata for Alolan Rattata)

The challenge of comparing!

The Compare section, however, has a lot. Sounds like you’ll need to compare a Pokémon of yours to one the NPC has? You will have to compare your Pokémon to theirs in one of several categories:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Age
  • Distance traveled
  • CP
  • Max HP

So if the NPC shows you an extra large Magikarp, for example, and says “My Magikarp weighs 13 kg, I bet you don’t have a bigger Magikarp than mine!” You would search your Pokébox for a Magikarp over 13kg and show it to the NPC. So would you win the challenge and get a prize? Maybe?


An interesting tidbit is that the routes and tappables have separate switches, so Niantic can activate one without the other. So maybe they are not related?


The tappables appear to be specifically tied to pokéstops along the way, and it appears that they will appear on the ground around the Pokéstop and your friend will be able to pick them up. The game seems to keep track of the number of tappables and how many you have collected separately.

Disclaimer: Just because something is on this list does not mean it will be added as a reward from the routes. I’m looking at you Pokécoins.

  • Evolution elements
  • Stardust
  • Pokécoins
  • Candy
  • XP
  • Eggs
  • Clothing
  • Stickers
  • Mega Energy
  • XL caramel

Settings that can be touched

The playable settings will need to be sent to the Game Master, so they will be visible when pressed. However, they will have settings like:

  • Visual radius
  • Appearance angle
  • Movement respawn threshold
  • Buddy FOV
  • Buddy collect opportunity
  • Average number of touch elements that the player can see
  • A toggle to disable the player from collecting tappables.

Route postcards

This is new! There is no code to send the postcards, only receive them. Again, inconclusive?

You will receive postcards at specific Pokéstops along the route, containing:

  • The public profile of the player and their friend (including their nickname)

    • The friends section of the postcard also has a candy rewards section. Maybe you will get candy for the sender’s Pokémon friends?

  • The name of the stops, description, image, etc.

Wild snapshot missions

Another feature that has already been extracted from data, however, what is new is that the game keeps track of the Pokémon that you are taking the snapshot, what type (s) it is and how many photos you have taken.

Miscellaneous things

  • The Event Banner section in Today’s view can now auto-rotate through multiple images.
  • Close raid notifications can now be turned off remotely from the server.
  • When a battle request comes in, it now contains the type of battle that is: (buddy, GBL, rocket, etc.).
  • Added a bunch of new error messages for some things like decoys, encounters, raids, etc.
  • The deep link notifications seem to be removed in this update.
  • AR Scanning received a separate telemetry section. So information such as device operating system and model, POI submission information entered, comments are now sent back to the server.

That’s it for now, coaches, stay safe!

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